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Easy Sous Vide Garlic Butter Chicken | Zing Sous Vide

This recipe uses the Zing Sous Vide Water Oven and Multicooker.

It is one of my favorite kitchen tools because it has 7 different cooking modes (Sous Vide, Saute, Slow Cook, White Rice, Brown Rice, Boil/Steam and even Yogurt!) so I can basically do most of my cooking with this guy. It also has a 6 Qt. capacity which is plenty for most family and friend gatherings. The fact that I can Sous Vide and Sear with the same machine has been a game changer.

If you want one you can get yours here for 10% off!

I hope you enjoy this recipe!


Time to make: About 1 Hour


  • Chicken breast, thighs, etc.

  • Diced/Minced Garlic

  • Half a tablespoon of Butter

  • Rosemary (optional)

  • Thyme (optional)

  • Salt and Pepper to taste (optional)



Sous Vide - 1 Hour:

  1. Set pot to "SOUS VIDE" mode.

  2. Place chicken along with the garlic, butter and other seasonings into a vacuum sealed plastic bag. The vacuum seal bag allows the chicken to cook properly and it locks in the flavors. (If no vacuum sealer is available, use an airtight plastic bag and submerge in water which displaces the air and squeezes as out much air in the bag as possible.)

  3. Place bag into device with water level set between the MIN and MAX levels.

  4. Close lid. Set the temperature between 165 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the chicken will be safe to eat. Cooking time will depend on how big and how thick your cut of chicken is. We recommend that for a 1 in. chicken breast you cook it sous vide for at least 1 hour, but cooking it for longer is absolutely fine.

Sear on High - 2 minutes:

  1. Set to "SAUTÉ HIGH" and start preheating. Remove chicken from plastic bag.

  2. Pat dry with paper towels to get a better sear.

  3. Toss in another half tablespoon of butter and some minced/diced garlic. Be careful with the garlic because it has a tendency to burn quickly.

  4. Sear each side for about 45 seconds to 1 minute.


And there you have it, some easy and fun sous vide chicken! Now you can throw it on some basmati rice or shred it up and throw it in a quesadilla.

Whatever you do with it, just have fun doing it!

Remember to let us know

how you enjoyed this recipe!

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